Do you need to begin to gradually build up your core strength?/ Do you feel frail?
Have you managed to recover from back pain but want to find a way to keep on top of it and prevent a recurrence?
Do you want to be able to move more comfortably and efficiently?
Have you recently ha a baby and want to regain strength and tone?If so, Pilates could be just what you are looking for.
If you would like to attend our Pilates classes, it is our policy that you book in for a 1:1 Pilates assessment, prior to attending your first block of classes, which can be arranged at a time to suit you.
This is to ensure that the tutor understands you and your condition fully and can adapt the Pilates as required for you as an individual. It will also give you a greater understanding of the exercises involved and how to get the best results for yourself from the classes.

If you have experienced back pain, have had surgery or are recovering from a period of ill health, Pilates could be a great way to help you rebuild your strength and flexibility.

Pilates can also serve to PREVENT back problems.

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Our classes are all run by Chartered Physiotherapists, who have been trained in the APPI or Body Control method.

1:1 Pilates assessments are required prior to attending your first block of classes, and can be arranged at a time to suit you. (These cost £45 and last 45 minutes.)

1:1 Pilates classes can also be arranged.

Pilates is hailed as ‘the fastest growing exercise technique in the world’ It is remarkably effective  & medically approved.

Pilates is a mind body conditioning exercise programme that targets the deep abdomen and spine to improve overall central core stability and posture. The mind and body are brought together to achieve these aims through the following 8 sound principles:

  1. Concentration
  2. Centering
  3. Breathing
  4. Isolation
  5. Routine
  6. Precision
  7. Control
  8. Flowing movement

Pilates suits ALL AGES & FITNESS LEVELS. It is beneficial for people with poor posture, neurological conditions, mental health conditions, arthritis, stress and before & after pregnancy.

Our PILATES CLASSES and CORE STABILITY CLASSES are run on a basis of need. They are sold in monthly sets and participants are grouped according to their ability and experience. There are daytime and evening classes available. Please call 02892 622912 to find our more and book your place.


We offer one to one personal training, in a safe and controlled environment, with a chartered physiotherapist. We use body weights and light weights  and gentle cardio-vascular exercises to help you gain strength and confidence before you join a gym or resume your preferred physical activities.

On first meeting our Chartered Physiotherapist, you will have an assessment of your fitness levels and together you will set realistic and achievable goals. You will then work on these goals both in The Clinic and at home, to help you reach these goals in a manageable time frame,

Appointments can be made for a day and time that suit YOU.

The initial appointment lasts 45 minutes.  Your personal training sessions can last 30 or 60 minutes.