Podiatry & Chiropody at the Clinic

If you’re suffering from aches and pains in your feet or think your body is feeling symptoms because of faulty body mechanics – then we can help. your foot-related problems.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the study and correction of foot mechanics with the use of inserts (or orthotics) and/or advice to optimise the way the foot works.

What is Chiropody?

Chiropody is the treatment of dermatological, nail and foot-related conditions. This can be especially important for diabetic patients.

  • Cornstwo-feet
  • Calluses
  • Verrucas
  • Fungal Infections
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • General Toenail problems

What can the podiatry and chiropody service do for you?

You can prevent foot problems before they occur by visiting us for advice on how to keep your feet healthy and in top condition. We recommend that you have a regular foot health check with podiatry team.If your feet are sore, something is wrong and you will benefit from an assessment here at the clinic.

Our podiatry services include: 

  1. Biomechanical Assessment and Prescription of Corrective Orthotics
  2. General Foot Care
  3. Nail surgery


Podiatrists and physiotherapists working together

The podiatry team, work closely with the physiotherapists at the Clinic, in order to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients with the following problems:

  • Heel Pain
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Shin Splints
  • Knee problems
  • Hip and Buttock pain