The Sarah Key Method, one of the treatment methods favoured at The Clinic, is based on research which looks at the mechanics of why back pain develops.

If we understand why and how it happens, we can help prevent this occurring or treat it once it has developed.

The inter-vertebral discs are the central spinal structure from which degeneration spreads. These discs should have a high water content to act as a shock absorber. Sarah Key believes that the discs can become excessively compressed by prolonged sitting and can lose some of their fluid content. The disc therefore loses height and begins to distribute the load poorly and resist stretching. The disc is more likely to be injured and will emit pain.

The back muscles then clench or spasm and a cycle of pain develops.

At The Clinic you will receive a detailed assessment to ascertain which spinal segments and discs are effected, and in which direction. You will receive hands on and even feet on treatment to help draw into the disc the water and nutrients it needs. You will also be given treatment to deal with the spasms and a specific home exercise programme throughout your treatment.

Campbell has had many clients who have struggled for years with back pain, yet have made significant gains using this specific approach.

These books are available to purchase at The Clinic.

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