Cramps in leg calvesAnyone who has participated in sport will know that with sport comes sports injury! These can be the result of accident, poor training, insufficient warm up or even improper equipment.

The sooner you begin your treatment the better; the faster you will recover and you can get back to doing what you love to do!

At The Clinic we have a lot of experience treating both amateur and professional sports people.

As well as dealing with your acute injury, we will help you regain strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness.

We will share strategies with you to help prevent recurrence of further injury.




During sport or other physical activity you might experience:

foot & ankle tears
Plantar Fasciitis
Calf & shin pain and hamstring injuries
knee ligament injuries
hip or back pain
rotator cuff or impingement syndrome in your shoulder
tennis elbow or wrist injuries.

Sports Injury Diagram


Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy

It is really important to access high quality physiotherapy treatment as quickly as possible following a sports injury, to maximize your recovery and reduce the time you have to be away from your sport or activity. We use a wide range of evidence based treatments to have you up and at it as soon as possible!

Kinesio Tape

Some athletes and sports people have found’ Kinesio Taping’ helps their recovery from injury.Where appropriate we use this technique as part of our overall management of injury.

If you have injured yourself playing sport and want to know what to do, click here

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