What to do when you have a sports injury

Seek advice from your GP regarding appropriate pain relief.

If you are concerned about a break or tear, visit the accident and emergency department

Follow the advice below:


Use an ice pack available at the Clinic or a packet of frozen peas!

This method of treatment can be started at home by following a few safety rules:

Ice should never be applied directly to the skin- especially if you have a wound which has not yet completely healed.

Before applying an ice pack, cover the area to be treated with a layer of Vaseline or olive oil to create a barrier which will protect the skin.

On initial application the skin will feel tingly and uncomfortable for the first few minutes- it should then begin to feel numb.

Ideally the icepack should be on the limb for between 10 and 15 minutes- no longer.

Monitor the skin frequently throughout treatment- it should be pleasantly pink. At no stage should it become very red- if it is, remove the ice pack immediately. The ice pack can be used every two hours if necessary.

If the injury it to a lower limb, it can be elevated on a stool or a chair to assist decreased swelling. Raise and rest an arm on a cushion or the arm of a chair for the same purpose.

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