Physiotherapy service

Campbell has been the best physio I’ve ever seen. I had a number of old riding injuries that had given me some problems for several years and although I’d seen several people previously, it was only after treatment with Campbell that I now have long term success.

Thanks Campbell!

I would like to say thank you. As someone who deals with constant pain I have found Mr Mulholland’s expertise invaluable. The clinic at Vic Ryn is super-efficient, organised and very caring- just like health care should be. Undoubtedly the quality of my life is vastly improved with the care I receive. I have, without hesitation, recommended Mr Mulholland and the staff to many others, and they too agree.

I made my first appointment with Campbell Mulholland I never dreamed that it would make such a difference in my life. For many years I had a history of “ a bad back”! and at the time I was struggling with severe back and leg pain, difficulty with walking, rheumatoid arthritis and other health issues. After a few sessions of physiotherapy and doing the recommended exercises, I just “knew” that Campbell’s approach and methodology was working for me, the pain and soreness was less and my mobility increased. Some aspects that I personally find helpful;

  • The welcoming environment and holistic approach contribute to my healing;
  • The time spent reflecting on “how it has been” since the previous session, when Campbell’s excellent listening skills pick up on areas needing to be worked on. In my case he is always “spot on” which reassures and benefits me.
  • I like to understand what and why so I’m always asking questions! for example what the exercises I do are supposed to achieve and how?

Campbell always gives me a concise helpful and practical answer. Grateful thanks to you Campbell and to all your excellent support team at The Clinic at Vic Ryn.

Julie has made an amazing difference to my neck- I rarely have any pain now and she has given me some excellent exercises which really work.

Physio led personal training

I was really impressed at my first session with Julie. She had researched my condition and thought about what exercises would suit me. She had lots of literature for me too. Having pictures and written descriptions of exercises made them easier to practice at home. I was a bit apprehensive before my first appointment but came away delighted with what I had achieved with Julie’s guidance. Julie listened to my ideas about what I thought I needed to target and provided me with the exercises to match. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. I was very lucky to have it arranged for me as a gift, it is one of the most favourite presents I have ever got!

Pilates classes

The Clinic also offers Pilates Classes and these were suggested as  a follow-up.   Under the instruction of physiotherapists on site they give reassurance and coordination. The classes are small -6- 8 clients – which allows for individual attention and exercises tailored to individual needs.    A relaxing beneficial hour  in a tranquil  atmosphere to ” stretch and tone” has proved to be most beneficial and enjoyable.

Chiropody service:

I have found Sian very pleasant and friendly and the treatment carried out professionally and competently. I have no hesitation in recommending Sian to anyone needing podiatry.

Sian is VERY good. A lovely girl with a great personality and keeps my feet well! I would give her top marks and first in her class!

Sian is very professional and pleasant, and I am MORE than satisfied with the podiatry service I received from her.

Bio Mechanical Evaluation Podiatry Service:

A few years ago I started to get a lot of pain in my right foot, and I had to stop when walking frequently because of the pain. Coincidentally I saw an advert for a Podiatry Clinic in Belfast and made an appointment, I was told I needed orthotics and was provided with such. I was actually given numerous pairs over a year and a half, but it caused me significant pain to wear them. Most of the time my ankle was also swollen. Having realised my treatment was not effective, and unsure whether to spend more money, I made an appointment to see david hallowell, who was recommended to me by a friend. After examination, which showed I had a badly fallen arch on my right foot, David designed custom made orthotics in his own laboratory and assured me they would fit correctly and work effectively. When they were issued I realised that they supported my feet exactly where needed. Although I don’t like to have to wear them, I am now PAIN FREE and the SWELLING IN MY ANKLE HAS DISAPPEARED. I only wish I had received the right treatment when I first sought help, which would have saved me a lot of money and I would have been pain free much sooner!

In 1951 my right ankle was damaged in an accident. Since then, I just kept it bandaged and carried on! The past 6 years have been the worst ever and even going out for a walk has been entirely out of the question. A few months ago I read an article about David and the ankle brace and I made an appointment to see if he could help. After assessment I was fitted with the insole and brace and the change has been amazing1 the swelling has reduced considerably and I am now walking much more than I have done for many years!

General comments re the care at The Clinic

The Clinic at Vic Ryn managed by Physiotherapist Campbell Mulholland  and team offers a range of treatments.  It is situated in a most pleasant modern environment with easy access , excellent Car Parking facilities and popular onsite Cafe.  The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.